How Much Do You Know About the Fabric of Backpacks?

Know About Fabric of Backpacks

With people being keen on outdoor activities, outdoor gear is becoming the hot topic in this area. Among the gear, an excellent backpack should be in your must-buy list. For a backpack, the choice of fabric is very critical. It can influence your adventure, even your mood. Here we’re going to introduce the most common fabric used in backpacks.


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In the past, canvas was the most popular and common fabric. It’s tough and durable enough to meet the basic needs of the outdoor enthusiasts. Compared to other new fabric, canvas is heavier and harder to waterproof. Modern canvas combines the natural and artificial materials to enhance its feature.

Cordura Nylon

Know About the Fabric of Backpacks - Cordura Nylon
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As a modified new fabric, Cordura’s chief features are strong abrasion resistance and super light weight. However, it’s not as comfortable and smooth as nylon. Poor waterproof due to its weaving, which makes it not so tight. Even so, it’s still a popular choice among hikers and campers.

Kodra Nylon

Fabric of Backpacks - Kodra Nylon
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Kodra is made in Korea. It is quite similar to Cordura Nylon and the differences are very subtle. Kodra is still very light and durable. It will be perfect if extra process is done to make waterproof. To some extent, it can replace Cordura.

RS Nylon

Fabric of Backpacks - RS Nylon
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Short for Rip-Stop Nylon, a fairly new nylon fabric. Unlike Cordura and Kodra, RS Nylon has the square pattern which comes from the large threads used to weave it together, making it remarkable in the Nylon’s family. Apart from tenacity and durability, RS Nylon is excellent in waterproofing.


Know About the Fabric of Backpacks - Polyester
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Among the fabric, Polyester has a higher resistance to UV (ultra violet). But in tenacity, it’s not that strong as nylon. In spite of this, it’s strong and tough enough for kids. Polyester is resistant to most chemicals, and has a good color fastness. That means it can be in bright color and hold it well.

In the end, we make a brief comparison.

CanvasCordura NylonKodra NylonRS NylonPolyester

An excellent and appropriate fabric contributes to a fabulous bag, catering for the needs of different outdoor-aholics. Usually a backpack combines different fabric to make it better. Before selecting a backpack, always remember to know about your needs and the fabric first.

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