Camping in Winter – the Things Parents Should put in Their Kid’s Backpack

Any winter camping success is determined by the level of preparation that is undertaken. Therefore, anything that can make a camping experience lovely and comfortable shouldn’t be left behind. Many parents often dread the idea of their children accompanying to any winter camping session. The argument among many guardians is that the winter weather is not ideal for kids, and it perhaps pays off if the kids spend most of their winter time locked indoors.

The truth is that winter presents a lot of fun. For instance, the presence of snow may mean some skating, skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, snowball fights, and not forgetting the magical winter camp. For a rewarding winter camping event, kid’s backpack should be filled with essential survival items that guarantee comfort. The following items shouldn’t miss out.

Sleeping bag

Temperatures can dramatically drop during the winter, and the resulting cold may make life unbearable for some. The most important thing that shouldn’t be out of reach during a winter camp is a sleeping bag, and this item should be safely kept in a kid’s backpack. The sleeping bag should be spacious enough and also give out the desired level of body warmth necessary for comfortable sleeping session.

Winter gloves, shoes, and socks

Anytime winter is mentioned, the thought that runs through many people’s mind is the extreme cold that is associated with this season. Therefore, if you are planning to have your kids with you to a winter camp, then you must properly prepare for necessary clothing. Proper winter clothing protects the kids from getting infections that are prevalent during this season. Parents must also give detailed attention to items such as gloves as they help in keeping the body warm, and also prevent winter frost from biting through a kid’s skin.

Food and drinking water

Plenty of food means that the kids will always be satisfied, and have the right body energy that can make them survive the exciting camping moments. Drinking water and other necessities like medicines should also be available so that the camping experience takes place without having any compromise on kid’ health.

First aid kit

The likelihood of encountering medical emergencies does increase during camping sessions. The best way a parent can prepare for such situation is by putting a first aid kit on a kid’s backpack. The kit must have necessary medical items that can be used to make minor wounds manageable.

Communication gadgets like mobile phones

Mobile phones are helpful in emergency situations like when kids get lost. If such situations become a reality, then efficient communication can be a lifesaving event and that is why mobile phones are indispensible gadgets that must feature in any camping session.

Flashlight torch and batteries

Flashlights are of immense importance since they make night walks to be easy. In events the flashlights run out power, there should some extra batteries that can be used to keep the torch working.

Beach Party at Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort in Baker County Oregon
Beach Party at Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort in Baker County Oregon (Photo: flickr@Baker County Tourism)

Parents should take their time whenever they are planning to have their kids with them for a winter camp. If anything goes missing from the preparation schedule, then there could be many things put at stake, and that is the last thing a parent would want to encounter. By having all the relevant camping items in their proportions, a winter camping will prove to be fun for both the kids and parents, and that is the kind of situation which many parents often pursue. 🙂

Cover Photo: Kids Outdoors

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