About sunpirit® Outdoors

sunpirit® Outdoors

An international e-store, offering a wide range of quality and stylish outdoor gear – aiming to bring you a better and happier outdoor performance.


At sunpirit® we believe that the sun and our internal spirits can be combined together to enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer. By focusing on three crucial components of the human existence, health, love, and career, our Founder, Steven Kwok, has created a new brand that focuses on providing functional, durable, and beautiful outdoor gear.

The idea for sunpirit® came to Steven when he spent time in the outdoors following unfortunate personal events. He soaked up the sun’s bountiful rays to restore his soul and find love in the smallest of moments. He breathed in the fresh air to restore his health. And, he found that by participating in outdoor activities he could restore his commitment to a career that would help others enjoy reconnecting with nature.

From our humble beginnings, sunpirit® has grown to become a highly sought-after outdoor gear brand that embodies what it means to dispel negative emotions. Instead, we choose to promote positivity through our dedication to rejuvenating designs. We carefully select durable fabrics that can stand the tests of time. Our designs are built for comfort and functionality. We even choose colors that will bring a smile to our customers’ faces as they step out into the world, proudly wearing sunpirit® and ready to welcome the day with open arms.

We invite our customers to embrace the caress of the sun, to enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer, and to face challenges with a brave spirit. In fact, this is why we chose the name sunpirit® for our outdoor brand. As you may have guessed, our name is a combination of the words sun and spirit. Together, we believe that the sun can lift our spirits so that we can more easily travel on our journey through life’s mountains and valleys.

As part of our commitment towards positivity on life’s journey, we wanted to create high quality outdoor gear that makes it easier for customers to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. From packs to clothing, we invite you to live a life soaking in the rejuvenating warmth of the sun. Through high quality and stylish gear you can easily leave your stressors behind as you step onto a new trail, take a moment to bask in a sunrise, or wind down from a long day at the peak of a mountain pass as you say goodnight to the sun and hello to the stars. As we continue to grow and produce high quality outdoor gear, it is our hope that you will become a member of our community by embracing the power of the sun as you live your life with positivity and joy.

Steven Kwok - Founder

Steven Kwok
sunpirit Founder